Our vinegar

vinaigresHow do we make this wonderful liquid?

Some of our unfiltered, non-pasteurized cider is used in the making of our certified organic vinegar (with no pesticides or preservatives). Cider is obtained when the sugar contained in the apple juice is turned into alcohol, due to yeast activity. Vinegar is obtained when the alcohol in the cider is transformed into acetic acid through bacterial activity. This transformation is visible in the form of a thin mycodermic film on top of the liquid, called the "mother." This phenomenon provides proof that our vinegar has retained all of its beneficial properties, that it is not pasteurized, and is free of white (chemical) vinegar. We owe this discovery to Pasteur, famous French scientist who conducted remarkable research on the transformation of alcohol into acetic acid early in the 19th century.

Why is this vinegar so good for our health?

Apples, as everyone knows, are one of the most healthful of fruits, and it has been shown that all of the apple's original qualities are to be found in organic vinegar. Organic apple cider vinegar is high in pectin, potassium, trace elements, and enzyme content. It also leaves an alkaline residue in your body, which helps dissolve calcareous deposits (source of arthritis).

This information comes from two books published in Quebec dealing with the production of apple cider vinegar, namely "La santé par les superaliments," written by nutritionist Anne Marie Chalifoux and "La santé par le vinaigre," written by Claude Richard.