Food Products

groupe_produit_transformesSince the year 2000, we have converted the first floor of our building into a kitchen with equipment for food processing. Here we have developed more than 40 products based on our apple juice, our cider, and our vinegar.

Our team is made up of three people, two cooks and Claire Steinbach as chef de cuisine. Each year, we re-evaluate our products and make new ones based on our customers’ suggestions or new trends in food. This is the reason why we are currently committed to a line of health-conscious and sugar-free products.

cuisineWhen creating products, we start with a base of apple juice to make jams or jellies. We also use the Domaine's vinegar to make our mustards, onion confit, relish, chutney, salsa, and ketchup. And finally, to go with all these wonderful products, we have our duck recipes: duck confit rillettes or duck terrine with apples and cider.

Our products are sold on the farm, but can also be sent to you by mail. We ship around the world.