Our cider


To make our cider, we use juice from our organic apples pressed in the fall. The pure juice is poured into stainless steel vats.
A first decanting operation removes impurities from the juice. After a 3 to 6-month fermentation period, the must, under the action of yeast, has been transformed into alcohol. The cider obtained is again drawn off, filtered, and stabilized and we check the amount of residual sugar

cidre_fabricationWe are ready for the final stages of clarification, chaptalization, fortification, sweetening, and fine filtration.

This results in a high quality cider product, ready for bottling and storing. All this work has been strictly monitored by a computer system for managing quality.

caissesServed as an aperitif, with meals, in culinary preparations, and with desserts, cider will delight you with its fine taste.

embouteillageCider matures, just like wine. And just as you can make ice wine, you can make ice cider. Whether the apples freeze on the tree, or the picked crops are simply left to freeze outside, the principle is still the same: keep the fruit's natural water content by freezing in natural cold.

pomme_congeleesIce cider goes very well with dessert dishes and is usually served in small port glasses.